Seapoint MartelloTower


Recent works 2010-2011

Recent conservation works comprise the repointing of the entirety of the exterior of the structure with a lime-mortar together with re-decoration of all original cast iron fixtures and fittings. New bronze venting windows have been installed allowing constant ventilation to the building which has been prone to extreme damp in the past, due to its configuration and exposure.

The installation of a perforated metal floor at the level of the previously removed original floor using original joist pockets, allows views down to the basement ʻmagazine storeʼ level while a new galvanized steel spiral stairs facilitates access to the basement. A glass ʻwindowʼ in this floor is evocative of an original trapdoor. Up-lighting of the vaulted ceiling and down-lighting of exhibition walls complete the interior works.

The elegant 1950ʼs modernist style concrete bathing shelter to the north of the structure is a treasured amenity for local swimmers and, due to deterioration caused by the harsh marine environment, the roof of this shelter has been substantially rebuilt in replica, with repairs carried out to the remainder.

The works were executed by Dunwoody and Dobson, Summit Conservation and Barbary Construction and were overseen by Paul Arnold Architects on behalf of Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council.